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Cloud-based ERP: The dawn of a new era

April 16, 2015


According to all surveys, the time of huge on-premise ERP solutions has come to an end. The future of ERP is on the cloud. Read below to understand the benefits cloud-based ERP systems have to offer.

Quicker deployment

ERP solutions are quite complicated and deployment is always a challenge. Cloud-based systems are simpler and consequently less expensive and easier to deploy. Of course, as is always the case, careful planning and close monitoring are crucial factors for success.


Another important advantage the cloud has to offer is automation. You no longer need to worry about applying patches and software upgrades, as all these tasks are now the vendor’s responsibility, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business resting assured that your ERP system will always be up to date.


Having your infrastructure on the cloud, you can organize your ERP system exactly as you want, since you’re actually buying only a service and you are no longer required to acquire or manage any hardware. Much to CFOs’ relief, no capital expenses are involved. Furthermore, it is easier to re-deploy your system in case of relocation.

Ease of use

According to Gartner, poor user acceptance is the reason behind 75% of unsuccessful on-premise ERP systems. And while it may be true that ERP solutions present many complications in terms of user-friendliness, the nature of the cloud itself allows vendors to prioritize user experience, offering a more customer-oriented service, designed based on customized requirements. After all, the cloud is all about increased user acceptance and friendliness.


Apart from ensuring an improved user experience, cloud-based ERP solutions also enable you to interconnect different systems, offer automated analytics, with more accurate and useful data and better real-time reporting functionalities, and provide managers with the ability to access the system remotely thus adding extra value to analytics.

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