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Are you a leader or a follower? Enterprise mobile apps are the future!

August 14, 2017

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recent survey by Adobe confirms the adoption of enterprise mobile apps, while at the same time showcases the concerns of businesses and leaders: Without a clear development and deployment strategy for enterprise mobile apps, most of them feel unable to keep up with the latest developments.

The participants in (Adobe’s survey) amount to 1,500 persons in 5 countries (USA, UK, India, China and Germany), working as managers or holding higher positions, who influence their department’s budget. The survey focused on business leaders in three areas that are more relevant with enterprise mobile apps: human relationssales and marketing.

Approximately 61% of the respondents stated that if their business does not deploy enterprise mobile apps, it will lose its competitive advantage. The three most significant advantages of enterprise mobile apps, according to the survey participants, are increased productivity (51%), improved communication (47%) and reduced expenses (31%). In particular, 61% of the respondents said that their business risks becoming less effective if such apps are not used. Additionally, 51% said that businesses risk becoming obsolete, while 47% argued that the risk of losing new customers or sales is even more evident.

Most of the survey participants believe that their departments should increase the expenses related to enterprise mobile apps within the next year (56%) or in the following three years (66%). Furthermore, 66% of the respondents stated that the number of employees working for their departments and using enterprise mobile apps increased during the last year, while 62% emphasized that there has been an increase in the number of apps as well.

Adobe used the data collected by this survey to offer businesses an interesting 5-point strategy for the deployment of enterprise mobile apps:

  • Step 1: Focus on and use the critical apps that can replace or supplement your desktop applications.
  • Step 2: Identify and invest in the required functionalities to ensure that these apps are executed seamlessly. According to the survey, the most popular features include security (48%) and integration with other business systems (41%).
  • Step 3: Use a dashboard to check the performance of your apps and gain access to insights for challenges and opportunities.
  • Step 4: Use tools, such as surveys and analytics, to measure your employees’ satisfaction rate and thus ensure that such apps are indeed adopted.
  • Step 5: Prepare a so-called future-proof plan for your enterprise apps, by connecting them to your cloud-based systems and back-end data stores, while also keeping the critical issue of safety in the spotlight.

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