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What to expect from cloud computing in the near future

September 21, 2017

Cloud Noutăți & Evenimente

The interesting thing about cloud computing trends, is that they will remain stable for the next 3 to 5 years. So, what we know for sure is that cloud will continue to grow. From the US to Australia, internet networks are growing in size and speed, enabling sharing and uploading a huge volume of data to the cloud. Let’s take a close look at the new trends.

Workloads are moving to the cloud

One of the most prominent trends related to cloud computing is the migration of workloads to cloud-based platforms. According to David Linthicum at Cloud Technology Partners, who is working with Businessweek and Forbes, this trend is expected to accelerate in the near future and is already considered as the “great migration”.

Moving towards the hybrid cloud

Whenever someone refers to a trend, they should not forget that the need for an anti-trend will eventually come up. There are quite a few cloud computing experts by now who claim that the initial trend towards the creation of private clouds is gradually retreating. According to the decision makers in US enterprise infrastructures, the percentage corresponding to the creation of private clouds is now about 38%. This leads to the conclusion that there will be a decline in private clouds and a shift towards the public cloud or, even better, the hybrid cloud that combines the best elements of the two worlds. Businesses and cloud users have started realizing that there is no meaning in continuing to invest time and resources, in order to create their own system, when there are tested and effective ready-made hybrid solutions.

Safety as a top priority

This is, perhaps, the most important parameter in relation to cloud computing. Safety and performance will be the most significant criteria for any business that is using, or is considering to acquire, a cloud-based platform. If you wonder what the main concerns are, these have to do with hacking banking institutions, email accounts of politicians, and so on. And it is these exact concerns that have led many businesses to develop their own cloud-based platforms. Still, a sloppy or cheap private cloud can prove to be equally vulnerable. And this is the reason behind the anti-trend mentioned above that drives businesses to the hybrid cloud, which has proven to be a secure solution for SMBs over the past few years.

The rise of private cloud hyperconvergence

The hyperconvergence of private clouds integrates computing, networking and virtualization operations into a single hardware system. The benefits of this system are scalability, effectiveness, short deployment times, reduced capital expenses and data protection.

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